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~50hr Online Yoga Student Training

You read it right. This is a training to become a Yoga Student. 50 hours of practice, lectures, manual, live Q&Q plus one-on-one consultation for your personal practice and more. Whether you are a beginner student, or a seasoned yoga teacher, this is a course to set your path on a solid yogic journey.

Yoga Alliance approved continuing education credit and for those of you considering to become a yoga teacher, this is a mandatory prerequisite.


~anytime, anywhere, a chance to take practice off the mat

Taking down the wall between yoga teachers and yoga practitioners. Knowledge, wisdom and conversations full of ideas to take the practice off the mat. Online resource page for those who want to continue their learnings regardless of whether they are teachers or not. We are all students of yoga.


~time to be still, to listen and to receive

Practice with Tomomi in France, Japan or back on the island, this is the place you get inspired for your practice and let yoga fan your inner flames. The classes are mostly all levels with the inspirations from vinyasa, yin, breath work, meditation that leads to relaxation, inner spaciousness and quiet from within.

Teach what's inside of YOU

Yoga Teacher Training Sumatra Indonesia


Here at Flying Elephant Yoga, 200hr Teacher Training courses, we value transformation through self-inquiry. Though our courses are designed around a tradition of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, we do not teach one style of yoga. Instead, we choose to learn from benefits of all lineages.

Hi, I'm Tomomi

"Funny, Real, Honest, Warm, Relatable, Inspiring, Passionate"

These are the words my students used to describe me. I certainly try to be as authentic and real as possible. It’s important to me because I truly believe that if we all embraced our truest selves, the world will be a much wider, freer, more inspiring place. 

As Maty Ezraty said, “practicing yoga is a privilege. And with this privilege, comes a duty” to share my practice and to spread our lights. That’s my goal, intention and purpose. That’s what I’m here to do: to fan YOUR inner flames.  

One of my teachers in Canada prompted me to become a yoga teacher in 2008. Then eventually, I asked my teachers to apprentice under them. Once I completed my apprenticeship, I was made part of a Yoga Teacher Training faculty at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio, the oldest yoga studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

After a few years of being loved, cocooned and nurtured as a yoga teacher, I listened to the signs from the Universe (quite literally, and I’ll tell that story another time) and led to Bali, Indonesia. I, then, created my own yoga school in 2014 and built an intimate beachfront yoga space in Sumatra, Indonesia.

My classes, like life, shift and change all of the time. In my perfectly imperfect, unorthodox way, I lead practices that include meditation, pranayama (breath work), vinyasa, yin and power in order to observe our minds and help become awakened human beings just a little bit more than yesterday.

Forever beach bum, lazy traveler, passionate spiritual activist, coffee lover and smudging addict who lets the moon and the stars decide my fate.

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