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Yoga Teacher Training Sumatra Indonesia

Yoga Teacher Training

Here at Flying Elephant Yoga, 200hr/300hr Teacher Training courses, we value transformation through self-inquiry. Though our courses are designed around a tradition of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, we do not teach one style of yoga. Instead, we choose to learn from benefits of all lineages.

Yoga Classes

Group/Private classes or Online

On a remote island of Pulau Weh or a famous island of Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia, to a tropical island of Okinawa, Japan and a quaint city of Bordeaux, France, wherever our mat is, that’s where the practice will take place. Tomomi’s classes can vary from vinyasa, yin, meditation, pranayama to prenatal. Check out her traveling destinations and join her there or on YouTube with the comfort of your own home.

Yoga Teacher Training Sumatra Indonesia

Yoga Retreats

We are a creature of habits. As we go through our every day life, slowly but surely, we forget our inner centre. It is important for us all to take a moment and pause, reset our inner core being. Join our retreats in the south of France, tropical island of Okinawa or vast wild nature of Indonesia.

Hi, I'm Tomomi

"Funny, Real, Honest, Warm, Relatable, Inspiring, Passionate"

These are the words my students used to describe me. I certainly try to be as authentic and real as possible. It’s important to me because I truly believe that if we all embraced our truest selves, the world will be a much wider, freer, more inspiring place. 

As Maty Ezraty said, “practicing yoga is a privilege. And with this privilege, comes a duty” to share my practice and to spread our lights. That’s my goal, intention and purpose. That’s what I’m here to do. To fan YOUR inner flames.  

One of my teachers in Canada prompted me to become a yoga teacher in 2008. Then eventually, I apprenticed under some of the most skilled yoga teachers, I joined a Yoga Teacher Training faculty at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio in Canada as a teacher trainer. I traveled through both sides of the coast in the U.S., Mexico, Australia and eventually, Bali, Indonesia. I created my own yoga school called Flying Elephant Yoga in 2014 and built a small base studio in Sumatra. My little nomadic family currently divides our time in South East Asia, France and Japan.

Her classes are based on vinyasa or flow mixed with her own personality and experience, and various styles of yoga she studied along her journey. With the background of vinyasa, power vinyasa, yin, pre- and post-natal yoga, she encourages her students to observe their minds while nurturing their own individuality. Her classes are about honoring both the traditional and the modern, physical and mental aspects of yoga.

She loves spending her time with her husband and her baby by the beach.