Together, we become the vessels for positive change in this world by staying true to each and every one of our strength and passion.

200hours Yoga Teacher Training

Here at Flying Elephant Yoga, we value transformation through self-inquiry. Our teacher training program is based on the tradition of Hatha Yoga with emphasis on careful attention to Vinyasa Krama (skilful sequencing). Our main aim as yoga practitioners is to be free and thrive in this lifetime and we use yoga practice as a method for this aim.
"Teach what ignites your soul"

We believe in understanding and familiarizing self on physical, mental, emotional and societal levels so that we can be of benefit to the world around us. We believe that the real practice is off the mat in our family, friends, schools, work, traffic jams and good conversations over coffee, in other words, the real life.

I am really confident in what I teach. Sounds like a bold thing to say but it’s true. And I’m confident because 100% of what I teach was passed on from my teachers. And my teachers learnt it from their teachers. And on and on, it goes all the way back until we can’t trace back anymore.  This is how yoga, revolutions, spiritual enlightenment is taught. From a person to another, mostly by words, mostly involving a healthy amount of subjective experiences. As a teacher, the only thing I have to offer to you is my own experiences. And I am here to offer everything I’ve learned including what I’ve learned from my own countless mistakes. 

Small Group Intensives
= Deeper connection to Self and the world around you

I keep our trainings to less than 10~15 students depending on the locations I teach. Each training is personally facilitated by me (Tomomi). Our trainings are unique in that I believe in social change and leadership. I believe in yoga being a powerful tool for us to embrace our own power as human beings. Whether you are the CEO of your family or the tribal leader amongst your friends, we believe in stepping up and be the light in the world. And we do this by getting to know ourselves and the way we react/respond to the small universe around us. That’s how we change the world: one ripple at a time.

Our 200HR Yoga Teacher Training is an intensive immersion designed to, first, delve deeper into your practice on physical, mental and spiritual levels. That’s why the first 2 modules, BEGIN and EMBODY are called Yoga Student Trainings rather than yoga teacher trainings (100hours in total). Both courses are taught online with the convenience of your own home before you even arrive, in order to cultivate a solid, disciplined personal practice because there is this simple truth: if you don’t practice, you can’t teach. None of us is perfect but you do need to embody the practice.

Then, once you complete these 2 modules online, you are allowed in our 100HR Yoga Teacher Training course. 

By the time you complete the training, you will be ready to share your unique teachings in a safe manner and inspire to lead an awakened life. 

Our trainings will give you a deeper understanding of:

  • How to cultivate your own personal practice
  • Vinyasa Krama (means ‘skilful sequencing) of hatha yoga sequencing for our own practice and teaching others
  • Basic yoga postures along with its modifications, energetics and use of props (hint: every pose can be modified to fit ALL practitioners)
  • Yogic philosophy based on traditional and modern teachings including the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, ethical teachings based on Michael Stone’s work, Bhagavad Gita and Tantric teachings (if you don’t know the real meaning of Tantra, this is NOT AT ALL what modern generations define it to be. So, no, it has nothing to do with sex.)
  • Pranayama, meditation, Kriya meditation
  • What it means to inquire within through the works of Non-Violent Communication, Dr. Bréne Brown, and countless others
  • Basics of assisting and teaching methods
  • Basic knowledge of pre/postnatal yoga 
  • Chakras and energetics of yoga postures and our beings as well as Koshas
  • Business of Yoga from the Heart (topics of Yoga Alliance to getting a job as a yoga teacher, different business models and taking the barrier of “marketing” down)
All of our trainings are Yoga Alliance approved.


There are 3 steps to completing the certification. And each program is progressive, meaning it is required to take BEGIN before you can take EMBODY. However, you may choose to take online courses to deepen your knowledge and wisdom within you without completing all without completing the teaching certification. If you take the online trainings for your further evolution of your path without becoming a teacher, these courses are also Yoga Alliance approved for continuing education credits.

  1. BEGIN 50HR Online Yoga Student Training
  2. EMBODY 50HR Online Yoga Student Training
  3. EXPAND 100HR In-Person Yoga Teacher Training 

Unfortunately, (and not so bad in the long run. We’ll discuss this during the training) the world is filled with asana teachers and not yoga teachers. Our 100HR Yoga Teacher Training course digs deeper into the meaning of being a yoga teacher. We ask questions to ourselves, such as why are we teaching and what are we really teaching? The in-person training is 10 days in total, 10 hours per day plus daily homework. You will have 2 days off during the training, which will be your rest and study day. Each day will be filled with practicing asana, pranayama, meditation, studies of sequencing, anatomy, assisting, yogic philosophy and a lot of practice teaching. In fact, you will start to teach on Day 1.

Expect to be exhausted every day mentally and physically. Each day will challenge you to reflect and become resourceful in developing your learning style so as to become a responsible teacher of yoga. Learning how to teach yoga is like learning a brand new language with brand new bodies. You will be challenged in articulating your words, understanding of your bodily movements and precision of your touch.


You will learn mostly about yourself. The only thing you have as a yoga teacher is our own experiences. That means you will be spending a lot of time experimenting with your own personal practice, learning your thought patterns and physical quirkiness so that every day, your practice serves you in being the best of you. You will learn how to communicate mostly with yourself by understanding your feelings and needs, then learn how to communicate with others with clarity and kindness. You will learn about your fears and how to use yogic practice to understand your fears but also you will learn about your strengths, where you blossom and where you can be of service to others. In the end, you will learn that you, too, are a leader in your universe.


This is a REAL work for students who are here to LEARN, not to have some vacation on the island. Therefore, we have a zero-tolerance policy for substance/alcohol/sexual abuse. If you are found that you are under the influence during the training, your certification will be revoked with no refunds whatsoever. We believe that such individuals who need help and unsuitable to be a teacher of this practice at this time. If you are found that you have been sexually abusing others, your certification will be revoked with no refunds whatsoever and will be ordered to leave the island immediately. 


I call them “workbook” rather than a manual. Your workbook will be given on the 1st day of the training. However, I still think you should bring a journal and a pen. My most recent students went through 6 brand new pens during the training. I believe that we learn more effectively when we digest information in our own unique way. Therefore, our manual is designed in a way that it needs to be “worked” by you. There are many blank pages and answers and thoughts to be filled. At the end of the training, if you’re workbook is blank because you’re more a visual learner, I’m happy. If your workbook is completely filled, with sticky notes and highlighters and it’s written so much that it’s falling apart, I’m also happy. You use it in a way that you would like. This is also part of our self-inquiry process of understanding how we process information. Use it well.


France and Japan

The accommodation and location choice changes in each training. Please contact us directly so we can assist you in choosing the best accommodation for you.

On Pulau Weh, Indonesia

If you would like to stay in our on-site dorm and if a spot is available, your accommodation in your dorm room can be included without any extra costs. If you’d like our on-site bungalows, I’d highly recommend booking months ahead as they are almost always booked. Along the beach, there are many other accommodation that ranges from a basic bungalow with a fan to a room with A/C. But they are not Bali-style fancy villas. Our island is still quite unknown by most mainstream tourists, which is the reason why it is an experience of a lifetime. Our jungles and ocean are still unspoiled by tourism. It’s one of the reasons we chose here.

And that’s the reason why we do not ask for details of health restrictions from everyone. If you know that you need certain items, please bring it with you. On training days, there will be breakfast provided including fresh fruits, healthy porridge, coffee (americano), and tea. Most modern items considered healthy need to be imported and we believe that it will add to more carbon footprints. The island produces wide range of fresh fruits, rice (mmm, jack fruits, jambu and rambutan!), fish, chicken, beef and all depends on seasons. There is a truck that comes to the beach often to sell fruits as well. They are all locally sourced and support local families. Not only do we have a small cafe (with great Sumatran coffee, I might add) but also the beach has several great local restaurants. Please support these restaurants. They are super nice people and they will often cook exactly what you’d like. Oh, and don’t forget Mama Donut, everyone’s favourite donut lady comes in the afternoon.


BEGIN 50HR Online Yoga Student Training – US$260

EMBODY 50HR Online Yoga Student Training – US$260

EXPAND 100HR In-Person Yoga Teacher Training – US$1.380

A non-refundable deposit of US$500 is required to secure your spot in the in-person training. The remaining amount will be due BEFORE the training start date upon arrival. The payment methods include TransferWise, WeTravel or cash in Indonesian Rupiah (exchange rate will be decided on the spot by



Our refund policy reflects our commitment and level of professionalism. I ask that you apply only when you are absolutely sure of this training. I am always available to answer any of your questions. 

– Non-refundable deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstances. This is why I’d like you to do as much research on me or any other yoga teachers. This is a commitment on your part to do the best for YOU. It is to make sure that you are not choosing this training because you ‘kinda like the sounds of it’ or ‘the location looks nice or convenient’. You should be choosing a yoga teacher training program ONLY because you want to practice and study with a specific teacher of your choice.

– If a written notice of the withdrawal from a student is received 30 days prior to the training start date, 50% of the tuition minus the non-refundable US$500 will be refunded. For example, if our training start date is March 2nd and you canceled your training on January 20th, 50% of your tuition will be refunded. 

– If a written notice of the withdrawal from a student is received within 30 days of the training start date, 100% of the tuition is non-refundable. However, it is transferrable to any of future trainings with no expiry. For example, if the training start date is March 2nd and you canceled your training on February 6th, there is NO refund but the tuition can be transferred to future trainings indefinitely.

– If a student cancels after the training start date, 100% of the tuition is non-refundable and it is generally not transferrable. However, in the case of physical emergency of the student (i.e.serious illness), it can be considered transferrable upon the owner’s decision.

– In the case of a natural disaster or an extremely urgent circumstance and the training is canceled on school’s behalf, prior to or during the training, 100% of the tuition received will be credited towards any future training of your choice with Tomomi.


At the very Northern tip of Indonesia sits an island that is less traveled, surrounded by untouched jungles and turquoise water famous for scuba and free diving. It’s an island that is true to the authenticity of Indonesia, far from tourist saturated islands. Home of Flying Elephant Yoga. We practice with the sea view like no other, where monkeys sneak a peek during yoga class, divers come back from one of the many world’s famous dive sites around the island and you can hear the kids laughing on the beach during Savasana. It’s a place yoga is part of Life. Out here, your practice is NOT to escape from Life, but rather your yoga practice gets moulded into it.


Paman’s Bungalow

Backpacker’s favourite. Basic, clean and close to our studio, restaurants, our dive shop, Bubble Addict, about 30second walk. Laundry service and motorbike rental are on site. A double sized bed, a fan and basic bathroom with a shower.

Marlin’s Resort

A little pricier than others but provides A/C and hot water. It is also right next door to Bubble Addict and Flying Elephant Yoga.

Mustafa’s Bungalow

Private bungalow just outside of Gapang beach. It’s close enough that you can walk to the beach itself. There is no kitchen but it sure is a gem around Gapang beach. For those who prefer privacy, it’s perfect!

Recommanded: ON-SITE Accommodation

(prices listed are for YTT participants):

FANCY Bungalow

Perfect for a couple or a small family. We can provide an extra small mattress for 50.000IDR per night. Comes with a good size private patio where you can have your own practice (enough for 2-3 yoga mats). Ceiling fan and a bathroom. Walk down our beautiful garden path to get to yoga class or breakfast.

CLASSIC Bungalow

Perfect for a couple or a small family. We can provide an extra small mattress for 50.000IDR per night. Ceiling fan and a bathroom. Walk down our beautiful garden path to get to yoga class or breakfast. Comes with a fridge.

300.000IDR per night or 8.000.000IDR per month



Perfect for wanderers. Each resident gets 2 keys: one for the door and the other for your personal locker. Ceiling fan (plus standing fan), a shower room and a toilet. It has a nice hangout in the front so you can mingle with other travellers exchange amazing stories of your travels.Walk down our beautiful garden path to get to yoga class or breakfast. Comes with a fridge.



Tomomi Kojima- ERYT500

Founder/Lead Trainer

"Funny, Real, Honest, Warm, Relatable, Inspiring, Passionate."

These are the words my students used to describe me. I truly believes that if we all embraced our truest selves, the world will be a much more spacious, more inspiring place. As Maty Ezraty said, “practicing yoga is a privilege. And with this privilege, comes a duty.” A duty to share our stories and passion. This is what I believe in, in everyone sharing their practice and spreading our lights. It is my goal, intention and purpose: to fan YOUR inner flames.

One of my teachers in Canada prompted me to become a yoga teacher in 2008. Then eventually, I apprenticed under some of the most skilled yoga teachers, I joined a Yoga Teacher Training faculty at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio in Canada as a teacher trainer. I traveled through both sides of the coast in the U.S., Mexico, Australia and eventually, Bali, Indonesia. I created my own yoga school called Flying Elephant Yoga in 2014 and built a small base studio in Sumatra. My little nomadic family currently divides our time in South East Asia, France and Japan. My classes are based on vinyasa most of the time. But like life, it shifts and changes all of the time. In my perfectly imperfect way, I lead practices including meditation, pranayama (breath work), vinyasa, yin, and power in order to observe our minds and help lead more awakened life. It’s all about honouring both the traditional and the modern, physical and mental aspects of yoga. 

Forever beach bum, lazy traveler, passionate spiritual activist, coffee lover and smudging addict who lets the moon and the stars decide my fate.

You can find more about my thoughts, views, stories and practice on Instagram or my guided meditation on Insight Timer App.

"The 6 week Yoga Teacher Training Course in Gapang with Tomomi contributed as an immense gift and blessing to my development journey. As a self-taught, I have been practicing yoga for about 3 years. And the reading and studying about eastern philosophy had passionated me. Tomomi has deep knowledge on yoga philosophy, as its asana practice. When this conjugates with her teaching skills and compassion towards each student, learning become way and pleasant. I got to learn so much more than just asana alignment, foundations and cues. Tomomi facilitated connection with other students; and it was a wonderful time learning how to relate with oneself and our environment creating harmony and peace in yoga class as in our life. Gapang beach is simply a dream place. White sand beach, transparent sea, simple and welcoming local people, healthy local food, yoga room in front of the ocean with ocean waves as a background sound. What do you want to ask more?"
Paola Valenti
"My 200h-YTT was very personalized and enabled me to deepen every aspect of both yoga practice and yoga teaching. Also, I had the opportunity to start teaching, under her supervision, within the program, which gave me the opportunity to feel more and more confident about teaching a class. Tomomi Kojima, the studio owner and my teacher, is an amazing teacher who helped me grow as a practitioner, a teacher and a human being. I definitely recommend this great program, in an amazing setting (Indonesian island, off the beaten tracks, with batts and monkeys visits), with a very personalized approach, and time for self-studies and self-inquiries."
Maxime Furst