Here at Flying Elephant Yoga, 200hr Basic teacher training program, we value transformation through self-inquiry. Though our teacher training program is designed around a tradition of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, we do not teach one style of yoga. Instead, we choose to learn from benefits of all lineages.


We believe in understanding and familiarizing self on physical, mental, emotional and societal levels so that we can be of benefit to the world around us. We believe that the real practice is off the mat in our family, friends, schools, work, traffic jams and good conversations over coffee, in other words, the real life.


“Come to your yoga mat to feel; not to accomplish. Shift your focus and your heart will grow.” ~ Rachel Brathen

That’s why our program is divided into two parts: First half is to learn how to become a student of yoga, then the next half is to learn how to step up to the plate of a yoga teacher. We re-examine first what it means to be a student of yoga, what it means to embody this practice in a way our body, mind and spirit is expressed and trained fully. The latter half uses the first half of our experiences as inspirations to share our love for this ancient practice. FEY training is NOT for EVERYONE. We take much longer to absorb and reflect information and we do not believe in a cookie cutter ready-in-2o-days kind of training. That is why the whole program takes minimum 2 months. It’s also highly intimate and individual. FEY training is considered a private training. Minimum number, YOU. Maximum 8 students.


This program gives you tools to be certified as a hatha vinyasa yoga teacher who possesses tools for yin yoga, pre/postnatal yoga, assisting and many more at a level that allows not only your new path as a yoga teacher but also to become a part of efficient social change back home by experiencing one month of unique life here on the island of Pulau Weh. This is a program that supports new yoga teachers before, during and after in the sole purpose of contributing to the world as conscious human beings.



We only accept 8 students maximum in the same period.



You must be at least 18 years of age or must have your parent’s consent.

Minimum 1 year of regular yoga asana (postures) practice (meaning at least twice or more per week) though the program includes emphasis on meditation and yogic philosophy.

Yoga Teacher Training components include:

– Basic applied yoga anatomy

– Practical teaching methods (including modifications for pregnancy and various injuries or conditions)

– Basic yoga assisting

– Basic yogic philosophy

– Yogic understanding of energy

– Meditation

– Daily asana practice

– Hours of practice teaching

– Practice of touch through anatomy and bodywork



Sample Daily Schedule:

**These schedules are subject to change.

Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri and Saturday mornings (occasionally, saturdays are all day)

6:00-8:00             Sadhana (i.e. reflection, meditation, etc. Instruction for this practice will be given at the orientation)

8:00-9:00             Breakfast

9:00-11:30.           Meditation and Asana Practice

11:30-15:30           Break Time (Rest, Study, Journal)

15:30-18:00          Teacher Training Session

18:00-18:30         Prep for Class

18:30- 19:30         Open Public Class



**If you do not need an all inclusive option, please contact directly.

The total investment of US$2400 covers:
– basic accommodation in a bungalow which is located 30sec walk from our studio. Bed, private bathroom and a shower are provided.
– Breakfast on training day at our cafe Tipsy Toby Cafe
– Tuition
– Transportation to and from Banda Aceh airport
– Snorkeling gear
What is NOT included is:
– your flight
– Lunch and Dinner
– Motorbike rental (should you wish to do so)
– Immigration cost
– Personal expense
– Your own copy of the Yoga Sutra by Patanjali. We highly recommend getting this copy in your own language. In English, we like the translation by Chi Hartranft.

50% non refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot once you have been accepted.

The remiander payment is due 30days prior to the training start date



Module 1- Feb 11-Feb 28

Module 2- Mar 11-Mar 30

Please arrive in Pulau Weh between Feb 5-10th, 2019


Our Team

Tomomi Kojima- ERYT500

Tomomi is the owner of Flying Elephant Yoga in Pulau Weh, Sumatra, Indonesia. She started practicing yoga when she first moved to Canada as a teenager in 2000.  She then became a certified yoga teacher in 2008 and has been an integral part of extensive yoga teacher training programs both at a 200hr and 500hr level.  After teaching and traveling in North America, Mexico, Australia, and Bali, Indonesia, she established her own independent yoga school in 2014. Her classes are based on vinyasa or flow mixed with her own personality and experience, and various styles of yoga she studied along her journey. With the background of vinyasa, power vinyasa, yin, pre- and post-natal yoga, she encourages her students to observe their minds while nurturing their own individuality. Her classes are about honoring both the traditional and the modern, physical and mental aspects of yoga.

As her friend Luna put it, Tomomi is a “hopeless beach bum” who loves spending her time with her husband and her baby by the beach.


Luna Mar – Intuitive Creativity Channeling Coach

Luna is Polish born, European shaped, Asia based and design oriented creative practitioner, thinker, art teacher and therapist, trend watcher, holistic minimalist and environmentally conscious yogi.

After over ten years of the industry and entrepreneurial experience in Poland, Denmark and The Netherlands where she was implementing a vision of sustainable code of conduct into a lifestyle product/brand, life brought her to the point where she realized that an essential factor for sustainable change in the world lies in the education. She understood that by sharing and spreading a knowledge of sustainable thinking she shall contribute more efficiently to development of the “sustainable movement” rather than by producing of “another green collection”.

Fulfilment of this mission became a new way of her self-expression and it subsequently led her to grow her interest in play and art therapy.

In 2013, with this strong ideological background, she ventured the quest of teaching sustainable approach toward design and art at one of the renowned Asian design colleges, at one of their campuses in Indonesia.

Exposure to the Indonesian customs, rituals and utterly patriarchal society, together with her personal development gave rise to the initiative Age of Sisterhood.

Under umbrella of Age of Sisterhood she reaches out to different communities and create network of local women: artisans, underprivileged but also educated, charity-involved female local leaders. Through creative projects and social outreach she aims at creating a bond which allows her to introduce concepts of more liberal thinking, self-love & respect, value of female importance in society and lack of tolerance toward domestic violence and trying to uncover a local taboo of female genital mutilation.



Immigration details:

Indonesian immigration policies have a tendency to change often. Please check with Indonesian embassies in your country for obtaining extendable visitor visas.


Currently (as of Nov 1,2018) you can enter Indonesia from Banda Aceh and apply for an extendable Visa on Arrival before you go through customs (cost varies but usually around $35USD), then 14 days before the first month visa expires, you can go to immigration office in Sabang (about 45min motorbike ride from our beach) and process for an extension (there will be a fee once again. It is currently about $30USD) and you can stay for another month. This extension process can be done between Module 1 and Module 2.


Between Module 1 and 2, you will have the time to exit Indonesia (usually Kuala Lumpur is the cheapest and easiest) and enter once again with a 30day tourist visa. We advise you to stay in KL for about a week.


A little advice on life on the island:

Attire- Aceh region of Sumatra is under Shariah Law, this means that you must cover your shoulders and knees in CERTAIN areas of Banda Aceh and Pulau Weh out of respect. No foreigners get in trouble and it is not at all like other parts of the world under Shariah Law. But we wouldn’t want to embarrass locals either. So please bring a long sleeve shirt and for the bottoms, yoga crops will do just fine. Our beach, Gapang is an exception. We walk around in bikinis all the time and locals are used to this and no one is offended.

Motorbikes- Highly recommended that you obtain an international driver’s license that would allow you to get a scooter. It’s very easy to get a scooter and easy to learn but even better if you learn it in your own country. If your accommodation is not on Gapang Beach, you will have to get a scooter. Nothing is really far but it’s far enough to walk.

Mosquitoes- Dengue has not been an issue on Pulau Weh though we have mosquitos early in the morning and in the evening. You can buy local eucalyptus oil mix (it’s all natural and you can use it on babies) or strong chemical sprays, electric plugs or mosquito repellent coils in multiple shops.

Rainy season- As they say around here, “it’s the months of BERS.” Our rainy season is USUALLY the month of September to the tail end of December but with the global warming, the weather has been unpredictable. Usually sunny during the day and early evening or late night, it pours. It’s a good idea to bring your rain jacket. Locals wear a poncho and those are very handy if you are driving a scooter. No point in bringing umbrellas. Trust us, they do nothing!

Water bottles- Please bring a water bottle. Plastics are one of the biggest problems in Indonesia. Let’s be a solution to this problem.

Sun Screen- Please try to choose a natural sun screen. You will want to go for a swim and much of toxic cream melts in the ocean causing disturbance in the water affecting marine life.