Ayurveda: A Study of Life

If you've taken my training, I'd like to incorporate Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine into our personal practice. What I love about it is that the whole practice really is holistic and individually approached. My practice is not for you and your practice is not for me. It's how yoga should be taught and...

5 Mantras I rely on

If you know me, I practice Mantras very secretly. I don't chant much in front of others even during classes. For me, Mantras are a private thing. Mantras are my prayers and I pray very privately.

The Hot Dewy TAPAS

Out of these three components of yoga practice, tapas is often translated as simply heat. But it extends way more than that and I find it to be one of the most practical aspect of yoga practice in daily life.

How To (Part 1): Teaching Pregnant Students

Teaching pregnant students is always a bit anxiety-provoking if you haven't really experienced pregnancy. Hopefully, this can help you. I will discuss some of contraindications and common conditions pregnant students experience in another article. In this part one of the article, I would like to discuss emotional side of things.

Anatomy: ACL Tear and Yoga

I get this question quite often. "One of my students has had an ACL tear a few years ago. What poses should they avoid?" Well, in order to answer this question, it's useful to know what it is and how an injury can happen to this area.

How To: Teaching Online

There were a few questions about teaching online. You know that I'm pretty ol' school and teaching online is not something I recommend to anyone. BUT, desperate measures for desperate times. And there are lots of advantages as well.