Yoga Classes

Daily Yoga Schedule

Our studio is CLOSED till June 17th, 2019. See you soon!

Friday Only 10:30-11:45
Divers' Delight

These classes are Friday only, perfect for scuba divers and free divers alike. We focus primarily on breathing, meditation and some stretches to enhance your diving experiences on this beautiful island, Pulau Weh.

Mon-Fri 18:30-19:45
Perfect Finish

To finish your day, here’s the no-fail recipe. Half of the class is vinyasa then we switch gear to either yin yoga (holding poses for 3-5min with various props on the floor), roll & release (deep muscle release using tennis balls) to end a perfect day with deep relaxation. You can’t go wrong with this class. It’s like the fish n’ chips, surf n’turf or bakso n’ sambal. It’s just that good.

Private Classes

Nothing is more refreshing and nourishing than a customised and focused attention on you and YOU only. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced yoga student, we focus on one thing: what you truly need. Contact us and book your appointment for your next practice.