Practice with Tomomi

at your home

Every great teacher I’ve studied with has their own personal practice. In the end, yoga is a very subjective, inwardly directed discipline. That’s why I created the Oasis for Elephants for everyone so you can practice with the comfort of your own home and make it truly YOUR practice.

Sign up to practice yoga with Tomomi. 30-90min practice video is posted every 2 weeks and there are short lectures of yogic history and philosophy as well as articles on many different topics on yoga. It also includes a monthly “check-in” 60min private video call whether to re-visit your alignment during practice or changing sequences or if you are a teacher, discuss teaching methods.

One on One

Historically, yoga was practiced one on one, teacher to student. It was also practiced in a way that promoted true sense of individual inner inquiry. Yoga is highly personal and subjective. That’s why we honour this tradition by encouraging all students to take part in private classes. First, we start with a short consultation over Email. Then we get to work on your personalised practice, because self inquiry is what we value most at our yoga school.



Practice as a
Collective Tribe​

On the island of Pulau Weh, our group classes are all levels, mixed with mainly vinyasa, yin or restorative depending on the day.

Currently Closed.