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Visit Pulau Weh

Getting Here

Arriving in a new place is always exciting and slightly unexpected. While Sumatra is considered “off-the-beaten path” of Indonesia, our island is fairly easy to get to. But I know it can be scary for some. That’s why we have helpers everywhere.

Arriving in Sabang (the main city of our island, Pulau Weh)

Currently not available. This is possible by air with Garuda airline or Wings (Lion Air). Although this is the easiest way to get to Pulau Weh, the flights are very limited per week (once or twice a week). You can check out your flights through JetCost

Arriving in Banda Aceh

This is the most common way of arriving. You can fly into Banda Aceh from Medan or Jakarta within Indonesia OR Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. After you arrive, our taxi driver Bob will pick you up and take you to the ferry port. Then you will be picked up by one of our drivers of a car or a bechak to go to Gapang Beach.

The Ferry

Our great partner, Bob will be happy to help you purchase tickets for the ferry and see you off. We have a long ferry (1.5hr) and a speedboat (about 40-45min depending on the weather) and they run daily. We recommend the speedboat. Tickets are around 80,000IDR  per person and very comfortable.