Private Yoga Class

If you crave the one on one attention with an intimate experience, we suggest working with a private yoga teacher to guide and develop your practice.

Your yoga teacher will help you find your inner and outer balance through discussions and inquiries before creating the personalized practice to meet your specific needs.


Price: 150,000 IDR per class per person


  • One 60/90min yoga practice per day
  • Snorkeling Gear

Land and Sea Retreat

Finally the perfect combination of yoga, meditation, massage and underwater experiences through scuba diving.


Your perfect day of vacation is right here in the hidden gem of Indonesia, Pulau Weh. Enjoy your private yoga sessions, delicious drinks and food from our famous cafe and scuba diving in one of the most revered areas of ocean in the world.

Price: 500.000 IDR for 1 day


  • 1 private yoga class
  • Guaranteed spot in the every day public class
  • 1 Fun dive*
  • Transportation from your guest house to our shop on Gapang Beach

*Cost may change if its your first diving experience or if you want to signing up for a diving Course.

Yoga 101: The True Meaning of What Yoga Practice Is About

Ever wondered whether there is more to yoga than stretching on the mat? Yes, there is!

After 60-90min of yoga asana (postures), we will explore the Eight Limbs of Yoga outlined in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. You will learn more ways to bring in the practice of yoga off the mat. 

7-8:30am Yoga Asana

4-5:30pm Discussion

6:30-7:30pm Evening Public Class (guaranteed spot)

Price: 380,000IDR per day


Beach Bum Yogi: Learning Tips of Self Care from Ancient Yogis

Learning how the detoxing is actually about self-care. Nothing to do with throwing every latest superfood at your body. In this retreat, we take care of ourselves in an unconventional, relatable way so that you can take what you learned back home and still continue. 

7-8:30am Meditation & Yoga Asana

9-12pm Morning Ritual Self Care 


6:30-7:30pm Evening Public Class (Guaranteed Spot)


  • Coconuts
  • Putra’s Medicinal Elixir
  • Kombucha Shots
  • Abhyanga Oil material

Price: 450,000IDR per day

Yoga of Speech

In this retreat, we hone in on our ability for true connection through honesty and compassion, drawing tips from Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication, and the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. 

7-8:30am Meditation & Yoga Asana

10-12pm Discussion & Journaling

6:30-7:30pm Evening Public Class (Guaranteed Spot)


Price:380,000IDR per day


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