FEY Mentorship program


This is a 1 month extendable program for yoga teachers who are certified under Yoga Alliance from 200hr to 500hr level.


“A mentor is not someone who walks ahead to show you how they did it. A mentor walks alongside you to show you what you can do.” ~ Simon Sinek


This is a program for those who want to experience our island life, teach yoga classes daily in front of turquoise water, meet great like-minded travelers from all walks of life AND delve into a one on one relationship with your mentor, of trust, discipline, encouragement, honesty and transformational growth both as a human being and a yoga teacher.


There is a great description of what a mentor-mentee relationship looks like with one Buddhist terms: Spiritual friend. Mentor is not someone who provides knowledge or information but rather someone who walks alongside you posing questions, answering your questions that lead to more questions and inquiry. Every week (or more) we sit down with a coffee or tea and have a chat. The topics of our conversations may be anything from how to assist a chair pose to the meaning of a passage in the Yoga Sutras to challenging ourselves in different views of our very foundational practice.


This format of mentorship is tested and true. This is how I was mentored. My teacher and I would get together, many a times over a sushi dinner or cappuccino and we discuss anything we wanted to.


On the other hand, this program is not for you if you are waiting to be spoon-fed. It is a very much self-motivated learning system. If you are waiting to receive some textual information on yoga, this is not for you. This is for those who finished a formal 200hr or 500hr program, who are saying “….and now what?”


Flying Elephant Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance registered school at Basic 200hr, Advanced 300hr levels (300hr approval pending as of Aug 2017, expect to be completed by October 2017) as well as Continuing Education provider. Our Mentorship Program hours can be counted towards your appropriate program.


Getting used to this island life is also not for everyone. This island is full of adventures and fun with lush beauty but sometimes we don’t have electricity all day, sometimes our running water stops without an explanation, and other times, the monkeys will run around on your roof keeping you awake at 5am. But the people here are real and full of love. This is the Indonesia off-the-beaten-road. We have the necessities and we all know where to get them. But it may take a while to find them. Of course, we can help you and will be there, probably laughing because we have all gone through exactly the same things. And you know what? We stayed. Because we love it here. You’ll see.


We will only take one mentee or two mentees at the most. If you are interested, please inquire within…..


Price: You are responsible for the cost of your accommodation, food, motorbike rental and  immigration process etc though we can help you finding the best option for you. Tuition for this program is 5,000,000IDR per month.